Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I love the snow!

If finally snowed! And, not just a little snow! We got atleast 10 inches, if not more! I love it. Well, I love watching the kids love it! LOL
We are having such a nice day. Jeff put my new light up in the kitchen. It matches the one above our breakfast table. Afterward, he took the kids out with him while he shoveled. Seriously, there is almost too much to play in. Cassidy coudn't even walk. So, now the floors are all wet and Jaden is waiting to go to the big hill to sled. We had some warm potato soup and hot cocoa. I think Cassidy and I will enjoy some time at home. Cassidy is not quite ready for sledding yet.
Oh, yeah, Jeff got Jaden signed up for soccer yesterday. He will start again in March. I can't wait!