Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a day!

We have had such a great weekend so far! Yesterday, I took the kids to see the Easter bunny. Of course, Jaden wanted nothing to do with going up to him! But, Cassidy couldn't wait!

Afterward, we walked around the mall and got Cassidy some headbands at Claire's and a sweater to finish off her Easter dress. Cassidy found a Hello Kitty lollipop! She loved it!
Jaden picked out some Easter shorts! I can't wait to post those. But, that will wait until after Easter. We also spotted the stuffed animals in Sears! Wow, they have the whole line of stuffed animals from Charlotte's web. Cassidy had to hug them all! LOL

Jaden had his first soccer game of the season today! He did great! He even scored a goal! It was quite muddy and at one point Jaden said, "I am getting really muddy here!". LOL

Jaden loves to hang out with the coach while the other kids take a break!
Afterward, I had to stop at Meijer and pick up some eggs! They were having a contest and Jaden had to pick a ticket out of the bag. The lady looked surprised and said, "You won the bunny!". I looked over and saw a gigantic bunny sitting near the table! She gave it to Jaden. He was thrilled! They are also going to put his picture up in the store!

When we came home, we had our newest "maid" come! I now have help cleaning our upstairs rooms! My friend's daughter said she would do it once a week for $10! I was all over it! I got cupcakes done for tomorrow, the kid's bathroom cleaned, and we colored eggs! It was so nice not having to clean those rooms this week! What a blessing!

Easter cupcakes!
Happy Easter everyone!


Ry said...

those cupcakes turned out CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Wow, help with cleaning...great deal! :) Congrats on the bunny!!! how cute! Is this the Meijer on Washington St.? I'll have to go look at it! Cute cupcakes, too!!!

Chel said...

I was composing a comment in my head about how I bookmarked your blog - not knowing you in real life or anything - so I could see cupcakes because I adore cupcakes... and there haven't been enough cupcakes lately & I'm thinking your kids really need some more cupcakes (and oh, yeah, they're cute as a button), and then, whew...


I love your blog.