Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 5 of Disney Trip

This was Hollywood Studios day. I knew this would probably be our least favorite day. I had heard from many people that is was more for teenagers. We noticed this just a few hours into the park. We headed to the younger area first. Cassidy enjoyed watching the Playhouse Disney Live, but I thought it was cheesy! But, Cassidy got to meet several characters she loves!

We enjoyed the stunt show. Jaden thought that was cool. Afterward, we ate at Pizza Planet. I was excited to eat there, as I love Toy Story! I even tried to win an alien with the claw, but I didn't. bummer..

The thrill of the day was when Jaden became a Padawan! We loved this!

We loved the Toys Story Mania ride. I really wish we had a Wii so we could get the game! I just know we would love that. Fantasmic was awesome and we had good seats! The day ended well with Fantasmic, but we were a little let down by the park itself.