Friday, September 11, 2009

Disney Trip Day 3

Day 3 was Jaden's 6th birthday! He had picked Animal Kingdom for that day and Boma's at Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner. We were hoping it would be an awesome day!
First, we went to guest services and got Jaden's free birthday gift card from Disney! That was so nice! Then, we headed to the Kilimijaro Safari ride. We watched a Rhino walk beside us. We also saw many other animals.

After that Jaden got his first Mickey ice cream!

We went in the tree of life and watched the Bugs Life show. Jaden did not really like that. We have learned on this trip that Jaden does not like 4d shows! Especially when he gets wet!

Cassidy met up with some friends:

We loved the Lion King show and Cassidy even got to participate! She loved that. Afterward, she got her first Mickey ice cream.

We enjoyed some more things at Animal Kingdom and then headed to Boma. We loved the dinner there. What an awesome buffet and service. Hopefully, we can go back there the next time we head to Disney!

I loved all of the views there. It was cool walking through "Africa" and seeing the mountain in the background.
It was an awesome day, but Jaden still liked Magic Kingdom better and couldn't wait to go back the next day!


Teresa said...

Oh my goodness Hanna was terrified of the Bug's Life show too! Literally she screamed, we had to run outta there- sorry Jaden didn't like it either...Boma looked awesome!!