Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Disney Trip Day 2

Mickey's attempt to get Jaden in the picture!

Afterward, we made it to rope drop at the Magic Kingdom. We were so thrilled to get there on time!

Cassidy met a whole slew of characters on that day. We especially like the stepsisters. Cassidy asked them to sing for her and they did! They even remembered her several times during the day. Even at the parade!!!

We enjoyed the Dream along with Mickey show!

Jaden loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Cassidy got to meet Peter Pan and Wendy. Peter Pan is one of my favorite characters! So, that was very cool. She met more characters and we watched the parade.

We ended this day splashing in a lot of rain! But we had an awesome day! ( I forgot to mention that we ended day 1 with the fireworks at Magic Kingdom!)