Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cassidy's Big Girl Bedding

We have decided it is time to get Cassidy her Big Girl bed. I think I know what I want for the bed, but I have officially decided on the bedding. She loves it and we are so excited to go get it!

I am so excited to see it in her room. But, first we have to get the bed and mattresses. I have a friend who has a white metal bed and then there is this bed:

I am really leaning toward the wood bed. It looks supercute! I could even get the matching furniture in the future! I think Cassidy would love this. She wanted a princess carriage bed, but I know how impractical that is!
So, today I am getting pictures taken of the kids and I might go ahead and pick up the bedding. Afterward, Cassidy has gymnastics. I will try to get some pictures of her today!


Teresa said...

I LOVED that bedding too- but it only comes in twin:( Can;t wait to see pics it will be a great big girl change for Miss Cassidy! Miss you- have a wonderful day!!