Monday, November 9, 2009


Our dog of 9 years is slowly dying of cancer. She had her leg amputated in June due to Osteosarcoma in her leg. We knew that the cancer had probably spread, but we were hoping and praying for a miracle. Well, she has gone downhill in the last month. There are so many things we began noticing. The first one is that she is not eating very much. She hardly eats one bowl a day. I started noticing she was getting very skinny! Now, things have just gotten worse! She had diarrhea in the house and her breathing is very short. She coughs everytime she gets up and walks around. She tries to run, but she just starts coughing.

This morning, she seems even worse. She is shaking and has a sadness in her eyes. She can no longer hide that she is in pain. This makes me very sad. I have had her since she was just 6 weeks old. What a sweet dog she has been!

I hate the thought of the decision we are going to have to make soon. But, I know that watching her in pain is unbearable. I pray that she leaves us peacefully and the kids recover well. (and me, for that matter!)


GB said...

LeeAnn, I am thinking of all of you and Maddy since I knew her in Terre Haute :). Love, Gail

LeeAnn said...

Thanks Gail!