Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gymnastics and Shiners!

Jaden got his first black eye this week. On Sunday, we woke up and hurried around to get ready for church. As Jeff was putting away his computer, Jaden ran into it. Unfortunately, the black eye looks worse every day! I hope it starts going away soon! My poor baby!

This picture doesn't show how bad it looks now!
We put up our CHRISTmas tree on Sunday. Actually, we put up 2! We now have 2 trees we are decorating! I also have several little trees to put up around the house! Hopefully, I will find time to get all of the CHRISTmas decorations up!

Cassidy has been doing very well at gymnastics! I am so proud of her.

Yeah, here I caught her with her hands in her pants! LOL

Jaden continues to amaze me with school! He is so smart. We get through our school days so fast. It is unbelievable! He reads very well and even does his math with no hands! That is a big one for me, because I have always used my hands! ;)

As for Maddy, she is slowly fading away. She hasn't eaten in a week and she doesn't like to get up anymore. It has made me an emotional mess. We will miss her, but we are praying that God takes her soon.


Ry said...

When my dog had puppies, i read that sometimes they won't leave their pups to eat or drink. The book sugeested chicken broth and/or bacon strips. We did both and she ate well. Maybe you could serve her some right at her bedside also.

LeeAnn said...

Nope, she won't eat anything!!!!!!!!!! I think she knows it is the end. I thought she was dying earlier today. I wish it would just happen!!!!

Ry said...

awww, sorry. :(