Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving recipes

After much debating, I have finally figured out what I am making for Thanksgiving. I decided on these spinach balls:
I have been feeling overwhelmed and these didn't sound too hard. I am also making my husband's grandmother's recipe for kolaches. I hope they turn out okay. I am always nervous that they will taste nothing like hers. We'll see. I will finish them up in the morning before we leave.
Today, we did several Thanksgiving worksheets and talked about he pilgrims. I am sure Jaden didn't quite get it, but I am glad we went over it. He also did some math problems he has never done! Cassidy is beginning to write her letters. She can write a perfect S and that is still one of Jaden's hardest letters!
I have been keeping busy making crafts, cards, and school projects. I just don't know how to find the time to do anything else. I haven't been exercising regularly and it is catching up with me. I have to make this a priority!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and be sure not to forget who we are thanking!