Sunday, February 21, 2010

On the road again

Last week we took Jaden to his doctor in Terre Haute. We found a doctor here, but was not satisfied, so we got a second opinion on things. He is healthy, but he might have some asthma issues. We are praying this is not true and that it just turns out to be a virus, but so far he is still coughing with steroids! Now, we are going back to Terre Haute today to celebrate my brother's birthday. I am also going to stop at Kohl's there and check out their shoes. I am not really happy with the Nike Alaris that I bought. The right shoe is rubbing a bone on the top of my foot. So, I will go and try on some others! Does anyone have any running shoe recommendations? I really want to stay under $100. I am thinking of checking out the Asics Gel shoes.
There is really not much else going on around here. Nacho got a new blue and orange color! He looks so handsome now:

I know, you can't really see the collar! This dog is nuts. I couldn't get the picture of it! hahaha!!!! But, doesn't he look handsome?
I am going to enjoy my coffee before Jeff comes down and then I am going to get ready! Have a great Sunday!