Monday, April 23, 2007

Another day in the park

Yesterday, Jeff was off and it was time for some much needed rest. We also took Jaden to the library and the playground.

We have found ourselves at the park quite a bit lately. It has been so nice, and I like to get the kids outside. We have found a great place to walk and to enjoy the swings! I am trying to make it there atleast 3 days a week. It is nice to get the exercise. Here are some pictures from today.

Can you count the turtles? (click on the picture to see a bigger version!)


Anonymous said...

Doesn't she come up with some great pictures on here? And to think, many of them are candid. You can usually tell the ones where Jaden is posing (like the tree picture in this shot). It's cool to have so many great pictures of the kids. And there are actually times when she forgets to bring the camera with her and misses some great shots!