Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A break!

So glad I had a break today. My mom watched the kids (thank you!) and I headed out to the hair salon! I needed a change. So, I got my hair straightened. It should last a couple of months. I really don't know if I will keep it straight or not. I have been thinking of doing this. I love the way it looks! I will post a picture soon.
The kids are doing okay. Cassidy is now sick. We thought she was over it, but it came back! She hasn't had her pacifier all day. I figured it would make it even harder to breath! So, she went to sleep for naptime without it! Yay!
Jaden has basketball tonight. This seems to roll around so fast! I can't believe how fast the weeks fly by!
Church was awesome the other night. If you would like to listen to the sermon, check out http://www.exchangemcc.org/media/podcast. It is definately worth listening to. It is from the exchange service.