Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's me again

I haven't been blogging very much. The main reason for this is, I made a resolution to stay off of the computer during the day. It has been hard, but I have been getting a lot more done during the day. This does mean that I will be posting less, but I should have a lot more to post about with each post!
So, this week has been going well. We have been getting back to our school schedule. Jaden seems to be doing so well. He is reading so many words. I really can't believe it! He loves school time and asks everyday if it is time for school. I am so proud of him.

I have been busy getting the house organized. I will hopefully put some of those pictures up. I bought a bunch of photo boxes and just labeled them for ever day things. I put them over the washer and dryer. I also did this for the bathroom closet. We got some storage cubes from a friend (thank you Sarah!) and added some pink and green totes. It is in the playroom now. I added some labels and they look super cute! The kids started making some Valentine's crafts today. They decorated some mailboxes: We have been getting out of the house a lot. We found a new homeschool playgroup to be a part of. It is really close and they have open gym day every Friday. A church opens it's gym up just for us! It is a great outlet for the kids. They get to interact with other kids and let out all of their energy. We also found another library that we like that isn't too far away! I plan on going there a lot. The books are very easy to find and the kids love the play area. They even have a big tractor for the kids to play on.

Last Saturday, we tried our church's new Saturday service. We loved it. We had planned on going this past Saturday, but Jeff had to work. I can't wait for next Saturday. I especially enjoy the music. It is sung by John David Webster. Check out his music here. We enjoy going out to eat after church on Sundays. Saturday night is a little hard since we do not get out of there until after 7. So, I am hoping we can go out for dessert on Saturday nights. Last time, we went to Paradise bakery and got cookies (Jaden got a muffin.).
The real cookie monster:

I hope everyone is having a good week. Please, continue to pray for Harper, and her family. They are in major need of prayers.


Ry said...

We use the same Phonics book, I see!