Friday, March 27, 2009

Planning Cassidy's birthday party

Even though my birthday is coming up, I am planning Cassidy's birthday party. She is still not old enough to have "friends", so we will probably have a family party again. It is a good reason to get all of the family together. It looks like we will be having her party either on May 2nd or on her birthday, May 3rd. She has insisted on having a Hello Kitty birthday theme. I was hoping for a Tinkerbell or Disney princess party, but I guess that will have to wait. I really do not understand her fascination with Hello Kitty. So, here are some ideas I have:

It's only $4000! Haha, she wishes. So, really, here is what I have planned:

We have already bought the Hello Kitty Princess movie. We plan on taking her to Build a Bear to make her Hello Kitty. I hope they still have it there by then. I haven't decided on the rain boots yet. They are so cute, but I think she will want to wear them everywhere! Also, wish me luck on those Hello Kitty Cake pops! LOL

I can't wait. I hope she has a wonderful 3rd birthday. We are not spending too much money because of our Disney trip. It looks like the gifts she will get from us are:

1. Hello Kitty Build a Bear

2. Hello Kitty movie (found this on ebay for $2!)

3. Ariel soft doll (found this on clearance at Kroger!!!)

4. Candy Land game (found this on clearance at Target after Christmas!)

Here are some things she would love to have:
(she loved this castle when she played with it in Edinburgh!!!!)
Hello kitty earrings

size 8 shoes

size 4t clothes

hair bows

Princess plates or utensils