Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day!

This is always a fun holiday for me! I love to fool my kids! ;)

Last night, I painted Jaden's toenails while he slept! I couldn't wait to see his reaction. This morning, I made him cereal along with a cup of water with food coloring. He didn't like it! I told him "Happy Fool's Day!". He just wasn't in the mood. So, when he found the nail polish on his toes, he was less than thrilled. He cried so hard! I took it off right away! (but I got a picture first)

For Cassidy, I put a plastic spider in her cereal. She actually flicked it out with her finger! She wasn't afraid at all!

Next, I made "grilled cheese sandwiches" for lunch. These were made of pound cake and orange colored icing! Of course, Jaden loved that joke! Cassidy, not so much. She doesn't care for icing.

After lunch, Jeff took the kids to some stores to shop for birthday gifts for me! I can't wait to see what they picked out! He also stopped and got me an iced mocha latte from Speedway. Surprisingly, I loved it! I can't wait to have another! I love when Jeff does special things like that.

Next came supper, and of course, I had another trick up my sleeve! Last year I made meatloaf cupcakes. So this year, I made a cake instead! I sat the cake in the middle of the table and told Jaden we were having cake first for supper because of April Fool's Day! He was so excited! He asked for the biggest piece! (he doesn't like meatloaf! ;)

So, I cut him a big piece and he asked what was inside and took a bite! He didn't want it. But, he asked if he could have all of the icing! We had to tell him the icing was mashed potatoes (he doesn't like mashed potatoes!) Don't worry, he ended up having hotdogs for supper and Oreos for dessert! ;)That look is priceless!
What a fun day!


Ry said...

you. are. awesome.

Anonymous said...

How fun!!! :D

Crystal said...

you crack me up! I wish I could come up w/ crazy things like this! BTW I am getting ready to make another batch of granola . . .maybe I'll actually get some to you this time around!!

Melissa said...

Girl, you are the queen of April Fools! What creative, fun ideas! :)