Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winter Blues

We have all been fighting the Winter blues lately. We are sick of the cold weather and the snow. I can't wait for Spring days filled with activities outside. We have all been fighting colds all Winter. I am just ready for a change!
We have been keeping our days busy though. We headed to Terre Haute for my brother's birthday. We had so much fun. My mom and I made a lemon cake for my brother and the kids played a lot of Wii and Super Nintendo.

A few days ago, I took the kids to Monkey Joe's for a playdate. It was a blast! Wow, the kids just loved it. I think Jaden could have played there all day. It might be a good idea to have his birthday party there. I will have to see what he thinks when September comes around. I bet he would just love that. Or, we might just make a trip there without a party.

Our membership for the museum expires the end of this month, so we took the kids one more time! I think we will be buying a zoo membership for this next year. We just need some variety! The museum had a special Barbie section this time! It was amazing. Jaden didn't like it, but wow, Cassidy loved it! I think she needs some Barbies and some outfits. She just loved putting all of the outfits on the dolls. We had a great time.
I had this Barbie house when I was a kid!

Totally awesome!
And I thought dusting my house was a pain until I saw this......

Cassidy's favorite part of the museum:

My dad will appreciate this:

Yesterday, Cassidy spent some time with her friend Makaeli. Other than that, we don't have much planned for the weekend besides church.