Friday, February 23, 2007

Another Hectic Day!

Oh my, where do I begin! Jeff decided he wanted me to go out looking for a new mattress today. He never has time and some of the stores are always closed when he is off! Have any of you been looking at mattresses lately? What is the deal with the price ranges? I saw some for over $2,000 and some under $200!!!! Really, why do we have so many options? Do we need that many options? Everyone keeps telling me what to look for in a mattress and really, I was just worried about the comfort and the warranty. So, off I went today with kids in hand! Jaden was HORRIBLE! Let me say that again, HORRIBLE! I hate to talk that way about him, but he didn't behave at all. I am sure it was from staying up too late and the cupcake he had for breakfast. When am I going to learn! I saw several mattresses and then late in the day, I decided to go back to a mattress liquidator. The mattress there had a 15 year warranty, pillowtop, and almost 400 coils. We got a great deal! I haven't gotten a headboard yet. I am seriously thinking of making one!!! That should be fun, if I can find the time.
So, we put the bed together tonight and Jaden can barely get into the bed!!! It is so high! I love it. I hope we get some better sleep now.
Jaden's last basketball game is tomorrow. I will try to post some pics. He should get his trophy too.
Cassidy was a good girl today. She has had a runny nose for awhile, but I think she is getting over it. She has been trying to dance when she hears music now. That is the cutest thing. She sits there and bounces!!! She was also playing peek a boo with her blanket today. Gotta love her!