Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nancy Grace!

Last night, Jeff and I went to see Nancy Grace speak. I LOVE her show and thought it would be fun to watch her speak. She was a very good speaker!! Afterward, she had a book signing and reception. Jeff was especially happy to see the orange juice and cookies!!! I was happy to see Nancy Grace! As I approached, I noticed everyone was getting pictures with her and she chatted with everyone. When I finally (after waiting in line for 2 hours!!) got to her she commented on my red hair. She said redheads were vanishing. She told me to have kids and I told her I already had two with no red hair!!! She blamed Jeff!! Then, she told me I was lucky to have kids. What a great lady she is! Can't wait to read her book.


Anonymous said...

VERY COOL LEEANN. We watch her too and I heard she was going to be in town. Sorry I missed it but it is so cool you met her. Tell me how the book is :) love ya, Pam