Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Jaden had company today. Teresa and Hanna stopped by. Hanna is almost the same age as Jaden. They made their own pizzas. That was fun. It is fun watching Jaden make something. He actually loves to help me cook! He also mixes up some of his food at suppertime and says he is making something. Neat! I think Jaden had a good time. It was nap time though and they were both getting a little cranky, so Hanna had to go home. But we had a great time.
I still have to make a cake for Thursday night's cake decorating class. I am so excited. I just hope I find the time to make the cake. I will try to make it tonight and then freeze it. I just hope all of this cake decorating doesn't make me gain any weight!! I can't help but eat a piece! I am still planning Cassidy's cake. I just can't wait. I don't have much longer to plan.
Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday! American Idol Tonight!