Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Friends for Life

That is what I hope Cassidy and Jaden are, friends for life! Jaden has started playing really well with her. Here is his new favorite thing to do with her:

It is really cute to watch him push her around. She loves it!!
Today is the day we get Cassidy's 9 month pictures taken. I can't wait. I am hoping for some really cute poses. She has a beautiful pink dress to wear. I will give the link to the pictures as soon as I get it. I hope everyone looks at them. You can also buy some pictures at the site if you are interested.
There is so much snow outside today! They still haven't plowed our road. Jaden said, "The road is gone!". I really don't understand why they never come down our road. It drives me crazy. But, it does look pretty with it all white! I hope everyone enjoys the snow. It only comes a few times a year. So many people hate it, but look outside at how pretty it is!!!!!!