Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine Cake

I have been debating on using fondant or buttercream for Cassidy's birthday cake. I had never used fondant before, so I decided I needed to practice. So, this is my first try with fondant (nevermind the decoration, didn't really try on them except the pink fondant stripes, balls, and hearts).....
I do think it turned out pretty well. I am planning on Cassidy's cake to consist of pink, green, and maybe some red. It will (hopefully) have 3 tiers. I am very excited about making it!
Jeff didn't go to work today because of the bad weather. Now, I am praying he will be able to make it tomorrow. Please pray that he gets there safely! The roads are pretty much covered in ice here and Lafayette has a foot of snow!!
By the way, I added Jaden and Cassidy's wishlists over to the side! Pretty cool idea!