Sunday, April 29, 2007

Can't wait to get outta here!

As we were outside enjoying the nice weather, Jeff and I talked about how we can't wait to go to the zoo! It has been awhile since we have gone somewhere! With the price of gas, a spur of the moment trip to Indy just isn't possible! I really wish we could get back to doing that again. I just hate being home all of the time! Today, we went to an antique store in search of an old doll cradle and a chair for the bedroom. I am either looking for a stool or a wicker seat chair. I was hoping for an antique chair, something with a little character. Well, the chair I found would not have survived Jaden and Jeff! Just too rickety. And I didn't see any good doll cradles. So, I am still searching!
Jeff spent the day playing with Jaden and cleaning his car. We also took Jaden for ice cream and to play at my old elementary school playground. That was cool! Wish I would have take my camera!!!!!!
Tomorrow starts my busy week! I really don't have much I need to get done tomorrow besides calling the park. We just found out today that the park Cassidy's birthday party is going to be in is having a car show that same day. I am not too pleased! I am afraid there will be no parking. I will be calling them tomorrow to find out the situation!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Don't forget to check out the new scrapbook pages to the right!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Busy Bee!

That is what I am going to be this week. I think I need to take this weekend to relax! I tested some icing today to see if I like it. We are all not a fan of really sweet icing, so I am trying something else. I really don't know how well this one will go over. Also, I can't get it perfectly smooth. I really don't know what I will do with her cake until I do it!
We bought a few more things for the party and Jaden stuffed the goody bags for the kids today. He also wrapped the present he got for her. I have so many things to do this week. Wednesday, I will be finishing baking the cakes. Thursday, we will be heading to the zoo and Build a Bear in Indy. Friday, we will be taking Cassidy to her one year Dr. appt and finishing everything for the party. I might even decorate the cake the night before. And then, Saturday is the party!!!! I can't wait. So far, I haven't heard from everyone, so I don't know how many people are showing up. That makes me nervous!!!!
It is very nice out today, but I have decided to just relax today, oh and practice making icing!!!! And baking another cake!!!!! And cleaning. Okay, so I am not relaxing!!!!!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Splashing in Puddles!

It was a sad day today. We sold the exersaucer! Jaden and Cassidy used that a lot! It is so sad to see the baby stuff go! But, I know it is useless for us now!

Jaden and Jeff decided to go splashing in puddles this evening. It is so cute watching Jaden. He gets very excited! I just love seeing him in that cute raincoat. Next year, Cassidy will get to go with him.

Tomorrow, Jaden gets to go to the circus. It will be the first time! He is a little nervous about the clowns. He really doesn't know what to expect. Good luck Grandma and Papa! Don't forget to get lots of pictures!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bows and Confetti

This is what I spent my free time on today:

Hair Bow:


It was actually very fun! The confetti is for Cassidy's party. It has little flowers and butterflies in it. The bow is also for Cassidy's party. It matches her dress. This is the very first bow I have ever made. I might make another for her birthday with a birthday theme. I don't know yet until I go look at the ribbon. By the way, if anyone wants to purchase a bow, just email me!!!
Hope everyone is having a good week.

Rainy Days

Well, the rain has come! I was hoping it would because my flowers needed it! We haven't done much the past couple of days, which has been nice. Today, we are off to Hobby Lobby and the grocery store. I have found something else I want to try to make!!! I am going to try to make Cassidy some cute hair bows. And, I just realized we need infant formula, so off to the store we go. This might be one of the last times I buy formula. Kind of sad. But, I will love to be saving that money! I can't believe the cost of formula, if you don't know, check it out next time you are at the store!!! And realize, you go through it fast!!!!!

So, today is a good day. The kids are being good, but we all have runny noses and sore throats. I hope it goes away before Cassidy's birthday. I am hoping to buy the rest of the birthday party stuff this weekend. I have already started baking the cakes and freezing them. I am hoping it all turns out the way I want it. I hope everyone is still coming. I can't wait to see you!

Here is a sneak peak at Cassidy's party!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Another day in the park

Yesterday, Jeff was off and it was time for some much needed rest. We also took Jaden to the library and the playground.

We have found ourselves at the park quite a bit lately. It has been so nice, and I like to get the kids outside. We have found a great place to walk and to enjoy the swings! I am trying to make it there atleast 3 days a week. It is nice to get the exercise. Here are some pictures from today.

Can you count the turtles? (click on the picture to see a bigger version!)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Cassidy's Birthday Wishlist

Cassidy's birthday is quickly approaching and I thought I would put a link on here to her wishlist. You should be able to purchase most of this stuff at any major retailer!!!!!

Also, she is in size 12 months and we love pink and green!!
I am hoping to get her into a small pool this summer, so that would be nice! Hope this helps some of you!
Can't wait to see everyone and I hope you can all make it!

By the way, thanks Rick, Pam, and Brittani. Jaden loved the bubbles today!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Went to the Park

Yesterday, Jeff was off and we made a trip to the park. We had a great time and Jaden was even Wore Out!!! Jaden has had a busy week this week. On Monday, he played with his friend Hanna. On Tuesday, he played with his friends Braden and Jaelyn. On Wednesday, he played with Daddy. Today, we plan on going to Grandma's and to Braden and Jaelyn's again! I also have to make a trip to the license branch to renew my license, grrrr. I might not tell Jaden about that until we get there or else he will whine about it until we are there! I will spare myself anymore whining!!!
I don't know what we have planned for tomorrow, but I am sure I will think of something!
It looks as if Jeff might have a job opportunity here in Terre Haute, so please pray for us that that might pull through. We really don't know much about it yet, but I would like it to be in every one's prayers! It has been a huge strain having Jeff so far away and worrying everyday that he might fall asleep on the way home or on the way to work. This would be a blessing for our family!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Clay in Afghanistan

Clay Aiken recently made a trip to Afghanistan and left some field notes on this website:
Please read what he has to say and look at the beautiful pictures. I wish there were more people like this in the world. Go Clay!

Monday, April 16, 2007

So glad I finished this:

I have been wanting to do this but have been afraid I would ruin Jaden's nice, white letters! I didn't do much altering, just some paper and a few stickers and ribbon. I might add more later. I do like how it turned out!
Today, Jaden had a friend over. Aren't they cute? It's great watching kids interact with each other. Cassidy even joined them! It is fun to watch them and listen to the things they talk about. Now, we are off to the park for some exercise! Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I hope this is a phase!

So, I feel like the last few weeks have been filled with shouting at Jaden! I can't stop myself! And he does so many things that I feel I need to stop! I don't know if he is being an average 3 year old boy, or if he is trying to tell me something! Is he acting out because of Cassidy? Is he bored? Do we not give him enough attention? Does he get too much attention? It really is driving me crazy! He isn't listening to us anymore. He mocks us, already! He really pushes our buttons!!! I don't know how much more we can take! I am hoping to get him outside more this week. The weather is suppose to be nice! Maybe the fresh air will make him better. I just hope something happens soon. I miss my sweet little boy!
On to other things......
Cassidy is still not walking. But, she is getting close. She can stand all by herself! She is playing so much now. I can't wait for her birthday. I am so excited about what I got her. I have most of her party things and her cake decorations. I just can't wait!
Today, we spent the day relaxing, getting some things done around the house, and planting! I am ready to see all the pretty flowers! We bought some white, pink, and purple ones. Jaden helped with a few then, he wanted to play with Maddy. We had a good day (besides the yelling at Jaden!!). We are hoping that Grandma and Papa will be taking him to the circus soon. I don't really like the circus, but I thought Jaden would love it!

Hope everyone has a great week! Here are some pics from this weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Exchange Team Painting

I had to post this on my blog. On Easter, the exchange team from church did this painting. It is good right? Can you believe they did it during the music of the service! Very cool!
originally uploaded by longyear.

It's Quiet Here!

It's been a very quiet afternoon. Jaden is at Grandma and Papa's and I am enjoying Cassidy. I really don't have much one on one time with her. It has been nice! I definitely needed the quiet house! Jaden talks all day long. I love it, but it also drives me crazy. I have to answer questions, like "How do you buy a car?", all day long!!! He actually asked me that the other day. This morning he asked, "How do we buy a boat?". It has been nice not answering these questions.
It is so cold outside. I was hoping to take the kids to the park every other day for a walk and to play in the park. We will have to put that off awhile. It is just too cold.
I hope most of you are planning on coming to Cassidy's birthday party. I am so excited!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Ok, I really need to get all of the sugar out of Jaden! He has been running around like crazy since Easter. I have decided he is not going to eat his candy today. I might even throw the rest out. He ate pretty much all of it! I am hoping it will get warm enough outside for us to go on a walk today. I am really needing the exercise also.
I have been planning Cassidy's birthday and trying to get the house organized! That second one has proven to be a major task that isn't going to get done anytime soon! The kids need all of my attention right now. Jaden has started picking Cassidy up and moving her around. Let's just say, she doesn't like that too much! So, I am constantly dealing with them right now!
Hope everyone is having a good week, and don't forget to work off that SUGAR!!!

Here is a little something to enjoy! Clay Aiken auctioned off some things from his hometown in Raleigh the other night to benefit the Bubel Aiken Foundation! Also, I added more scrapbook pages to the side!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

What a hectic weekend. Jeff ended up taking the day off yesterday, which was a nice surprise. I had planned on taking the kids to the park for an Easter egg hunt, so it was nice to have Jeff there also. It was freezing outside and it even started snowing while we were there! Poor Cassidy, her nose was bright red and her hands were freezing. Jaden didn't mind the cold as long as he got to hunt eggs. He loved it!!! He even won a pass for a train ride there and some cute Easter things. He also got candy, which he loves! We have found out this weekend that Jaden loves jelly beans!

We also colored eggs yesterday! That was fun. He wanted to put stickers on them, so I picked out this coloring kit with face stickers. He loved them!
This morning we woke to this:
The Easter bunny came and left Jaden and Cassidy all kinds of goodies! He even hid the eggs we colored. Jaden had so much fun. We went to church and then, to Grandma and Papa's. I think the kids are totally wore out now! They each got lots of goodies! Of course, Cassidy didn't get any candy, but still some cute things!
Overall, we had a great Easter, but are remembering the reason for the holiday. It's not all about the goodies, and it will be nice when Jaden can understand the REAL meaning behind Easter. As of now, the Easter bunny will have to do!
Gotta love the shoes!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Almost Forgot!

I almost forgot to post Cassidy's 11 month pictures. I can't believe it has been 11 months. Only one short month until she is ONE!!!!! I can't believe it! I am looking forward to seeing a bunch of you! If you are coming in from out of town, I hope you can stay a little while afterward to visit!
Here are the pictures:

Our walk in the park with Grandma, Papa, and Brittani:

Thursday, April 5, 2007


I thought I would share a few pictures from this past weekend! Enjoy!

The "Foam Cake"

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sorry I have been MIA!

What a great weekend and beginning of the week I have had! I am so tired now! Here is how it went:
Sunday, we headed over to my parent's house for my birthday celebration! How fun! My mom made my usual Jello Poke Cake! I love that stuff. She pulled a few April Fool's pranks. I knew that would happen, but they were all very funny, especially the Foam Cake!!!!! I got some things I really wanted! I got the Cuttlebug diecut machine! I wanted that so bad. I also got some cake things, the Sims 2, and Jaden got me an exercise ball! Then, on Tuesday, we went to Indianapolis for some shopping. It was fun. It is always fun going out of town with my family. We always have a lot of fun. Finally, I am home today and I don't have to be anywhere. I did have to go to the store, but I am finished. I also went to my parent's house Monday and today to help my niece scrapbook. She is scrapbooking for 4H and I am helping her come up with some layouts. It is really fun. I hope she is learning a little something!
Now, it is time to clean the house and calm down. I need some down time. Cassidy's birthday is coming up soon and that will definitely be hectic but unforgettable! I can't wait!
I hope to get some pictures on here soon. Jaden and Cassidy saw the Easter Bunny on the 1st so I will be posting them soon!