Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

By golly, another leprechaun showed up at our house and turned our milk and koolaid green and left chocolate, gold coins in our shoes! That is too funny. Jaden really got a kick out of it.
After lunch, we decided to make our annual shamrock cookies. These are always so good.

Jaden got some pirate tattoos in his cereal, but he doesn't care to put them on. So, guess who has to? LOL

I got our pictures back that we got taken a couple of weeks ago. They turned out okay. I was really hoping for some better pictures. We will be getting some more taken next month for Cassidy's 2 year birthday! Here are the best ones:

And my favorite!:
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


Teresa said...

You look stunning in those pictures! Looks a super fun day!