Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sickness and a new bed!

We have dealt with so much sickness this past weekend. It started off with Cassidy having a sore throat and coughing all night. Then, Jaden woke up very early in the morning saying, " I am sick! I am sick!" and then, threw up on our bed, floor, and finally, the toilet. Ugh! So, we had a mess to clean up! He seemed to be okay after that, but Cassidy ended up having a fever that day and also, yesterday. Now, Jaden woke this morning with a cough and I am feeling it tonight!
Today, we picked up a new bed for Jaden! He finally has a twin bed! We are so excited and so is he! We got to put his new dinosaur bedding on it. He loves it! I can't wait to changed the handles on the nightstand! I want to find something really cute!


Teresa said...

So sorry to hear you all are sick! Hanna had the vomiting thing a few weeks ago, but it only lasted 2 days...hope the same goes for your gang:) Love those dinosaur sheets.