Monday, March 24, 2008

A new seat in our house!

First off, Easter was great! We spent the morning looking at all of the things the easter bunny left for the kids. Then, we hunted for eggs. We had to hurry and get the kid's Easter clothes on for church in Terre Haute. Church was awesome!!!!!

Afterward, we went to my parent's house and stuffed our bellies! It was a great day!

New boots from the Easter bunny:

This one was especially hard to find!:
Easter clothes:

And now, for the new seat in our house!:
We are very excited about this seat. I think it is a little too early still, but she can sit on it while we go potty and maybe she will get the idea! She is very excited about having her own potty! She kept saying, "Potty!" in the store!!!!
Have a great week!