Thursday, March 6, 2008


The weightloss is going great. I am now 18 pounds away from my ultimate goal. I was hoping to be at that goal on my 30th birthday (April 3rd), but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. But, I am hoping to be closer to that goal. I am not going to give up until I get there. I have started doing more intense exercises and my legs are so sore. I am hoping I can get up the stairs to the bedroom tonight! LOL
Cassidy, Jaden, and I are all still sick. My nose will not stop running. I am feeling miserable. I have coughed so much that my chest hurts! Jeff is feeling fine so far.
I picked up some paint for Cassidy's new bookshelf today. I plan on painting it as soon as the weather warms up a little. There is still ice on the trees!
With my birthday coming up, I have been doing a lot of thinking of what I would really like to have. I love to make lists of things I want. So, I thought I would post some of those things.

1. Sewing Machine with embroidery (I would LOVE to have one of PRODUCTS&cm_ite=1%20PRODUCT&cm_keycode=4">these!)
2. Gift Card to Lowe's! I am there atleast once a week now!
3. dinner at the Melting Pot (I have never been there and would love to try it out!)
4. anything Monogrammed!
5. wood laminate floors
6. new lighting in kitchen
7. bird feeders
8. oil rubbed bronze front enrty door handle
9. new countertop
10. a desk
11. Flavia coffee pouches (espresso roast and creamy topping)
12. a new journal
13. earrings
14. Jon and Kate plus 8 Season 1 and 2 (not out yet, still waiting!)
15. Kate Gosselin's book (still waiting on that to come out!)

By the way, we have some exciting news! We are planning a trip to Disney World in 2009! I can't wait. The kids will be the perfect age. If anyone has any tips or money saving ideas, please let me know!


Dana said...

I've been to The Melting Pot in Broadripple several years ago. It was fabulous!

Found your blog via random search. I'll stop by again.

By the way, I'm from Indiana also!


Teresa said...

Ha! Get outta town- we are planning a Disney trip for next spring. We started a savings plan! Well this is great we can exchange great ideas and money savings tips- we have been plenty- but never with Hanna, so I know it will be a world of difference.
Good Luck- and congrats on being so so close to your weight loss goal! You are amazing!