Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Homeschooling **Updated with pics**

I have decided we are going to use the playroom as our homeschool area. Well, atleast half of it. So, yesterday I moved all of the toys to one side (wow, there are a lot of toys!) and moved some school things to the other. Today, I got two bookshelves from Target and put books, puzzles, and games in there. Now, I still need to get shelves for the school area. I really wish I would have just gotten them when I was there. I might make another trip this afternoon to get them. I will try to get a picture up soon.
I received Jaden's school books a week ago. It is so exciting to look through. I put together our calendar last night. I have decided to follow the public schools calendar for this year. So, we will be beginning on August 8th! I can't wait! I am going to plan a nice gift basket of fun school supplies for him. I think he will love that! I have also planned a couple of field trips so far. One to the zoo and the other the Creation Museum in Kentucky! That place looks so awesome!

some organization (finally)

School corner: