Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Picking up trash and shopping!

Last night, I decided that we needed to get the kids new bathtub toys. We were tired of seeing the gross black stuff that gathers inside the squirters. So, today we bagged up the nasty old toys and threw them away. We found some great toys for them now! (holeless! LOL)

Then, I found this at the dollar store! :

and this:

I love Wall words, and I couldn't believe they had these at the dollar store! Very cute!
During Cassidy's nap, Jaden and I cleaned up the trash around the pond. Jaden was excited to do it and I thought it taught him a good lesson.


Teresa said...

Oooh those words are fantastic-- which dollar store, I must know!! :)
And- amen to the bath toys, ugh- those black things are so gross!
So glad you are getting things just the way you want them!