Wednesday, April 23, 2008


My husband has been so stressed out about his job. He has had this feeling that something isn't going right. And today, he found out that the CEO is resigning! Wow, if that isn't a sign to get out!!! So, now he is looking at other opportunities. He has been in sales and management for 2o years, and we are hoping this will help him find something more stable. Please keep your prayers with us for any leads we can find.
Today, I made some cupcakes for our garage sale on Saturday. I am thinking of making vanilla with different colors of buttercream and chocolate with chocolate icing. Does that sound good? How much should I price them?
Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

MMM, those sound great. I have no idea about pricing, but I'd pay for them!!! What will you be having at your garage sale? Maybe I would buy something. :-) I wish my dh's company was in a position to hire someone now, sounds like your dh would be perfect. Hope he finds something soon!

Teresa said...

Sending Jeff some thoughts and luck!! We absolutely know where you are coming from!

Ooooh Cupcakes for the yard sale?! Sounds great, love the different colors for the butter cream idea.

I think maybe .25 or .50 a piece, I know at the Woodridge garage sale we always did 3 big cookies for a dollar and they went fast... good luck, wish I could be there!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh thats terrible I will be praying!

Unknown said...

Good luck for your hubby!