Saturday, April 19, 2008

Redecorating, sprinklers, and backward jammies!

It has been a very hectic week. Not only have I been redecorating our bathroom, but I have had to deal with bedsheets filled with pee twice a day! UGH! For the past two weeks, Cassidy has decided to take her diaper off every time she goes to bed! So, every morning the bed is filled with pee and every afternoon!!!!! I was really at my wits end! So, Jeff came up with the brilliant idea of putting her jammies on backwards!

And, it worked! The bed has been dry ever since! YAY! This makes my days so much better. I am less stressed and very happy to send her to bed now!
I have our bathroom almost finished. Jeff installed the new light yesterday and hung the mirror. The mirror seems a little crooked though. I still need to get a towel ring and some kind of art for the wall.

The weather was really nice over the past few days. We had a small earthquake, that was cool! I even felt the aftershock during my MOPS meeting. The temperature has been in the 70's, which gave Jaden the opportunity to play in some water! He loved it!
The ducks even enjoyed it!:


Ry said...

I have heard of doing the backward pj thing! Glad it worked for you. She doesn't seem to mind either...hehe!

Karen said...

Nice trick with the jammies....I have a daycare center and we do the same thing with coats. If they keep unzipping them and taking them off we put them on backward!

Becca M. said...

Cute trick and your bathroom looks great. We're redoing ours right now, too.

Stopped over from CWO, thought I'd say hi!