Sunday, August 17, 2008

Columbus Fun!

Last night, our cook out was cancelled, but we will be doing it sometime soon!

Today, we tried another church. We liked it, but there were several things we weren't sure about. The service we went to takes place in the gym, and that just seems so..........cold. Not to mention, it was COLD in there! They also dip their communion cracker in the grape juice and take it all at once. This is odd to me. And there seems to be no real time to sit and pray. We might try the earlier service some time. The drive was only 20 minutes, so that was nice.
Afterward, I had decided on a spur of the moment day trip to Columbus! We went to Kids Commons! It was so fun! The kids really enjoyed it. We walked around Mill Race Park and headed back to the car. It was a short trip, but fun.

They even had a kid size door!
Japan room:
Uh, yeah that is a huge toilet! I guess it was on the Jay Leno show at one time!


Ry said...

That looks like a fun place! What type of church do you go to? You might enjoy ours? It's a Church of Christ. It's only 15 min from here!

Tabitha said...

Ugh, finding a church is so hard!! I hope you find the right fit soon!!
The museum looks like fun!!! I love spur-of-the-moment side trips!!
I'll keep you posted about a card swap--I love enjoying other gals' craftiness.
"Talk" to you soon...

Tabitha said...

P.S. I got the bird stamp at Hobby Lobby! I'm going back soon--I'll see if they have more and how much! :)

Chel said...

We're trying new churches, too. I'm praying it doesn't take too long to find one that feels right to us. I'll be thinking about you as you look, too.