Thursday, August 7, 2008

One more day!

Only one more day until school starts! I am so excited. I was thinking how sad I would be if I were sending Jaden off to school. Instead, this is such an exciting day for us! No saying goodbyes! I am loving it. What a great decision, I feel, I have made. Jaden is also excited!
I have the room ready. I am sure I will get more stuff as time goes on. Tomorrow, here is the plan:
9:00 Introduce Jaden to "school time". He will get a basket of school supply goodies!
Look through the new curriculum
read stories
maybe a trip to the library
Jaden is having a friend over tomorrow night. That will be fun. Jeff will get to keep them busy. (hehehe)


Ry said...

I think we have the same phonics book! I see you don't need my art easel..ha! Cute charts!

Kim said...

The room looks good! Glad you are so excited. Wow, we don't start until the 18th. Remember, learning takes time...all of the sudden he will grasp the concept and take off!! Don't get discouraged if sounding out words takes some time. :)