Friday, August 1, 2008


It is extremely hot outside, so I am stuck inside with the kids. They played a little outside, until I thought it was just too hot. I really can't wait for Fall.
Jeff's birthday was yesterday and we really didn't do much since we already had his party. He got to spend some of his gift card money and we ate Panera Bread for supper. It is nice being so close to them. I just called the order in and it took Jeff 5 minutes to pick it up. That was nice!
This weekend, Jeff has his racing experience. I am quite excited for him. It looks like we might miss church though. We really hate that. Jeff is wanting to make the trip to Terre Haute, but I am desperately seeking a break.
By the way, speaking of Jeff. My dear husband bought the Third Day cd and we are expecting it any day! YAY! I can't wait.
I hope everyone has a great weekend.