Friday, August 29, 2008

Jeff's Vacation

We have been so busy! Jeff started his vacation on Wednesday. We have had so much fun. First off, Jaden got a present in the mail from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Orin! He loved it. (Thanks guys!)

We went to the main library in Indianapolis. We were somewhat disappointed. The kids area was awesome though.
Afterward, we headed to the downtown Canal Walk. We spent 2 hours walking. What a day! For supper we went to Five Guys Hamburgers. It was a cool place. Jeff's favorite burger is still a Red Robin burger. (especially the one with an egg on it!)

Yesterday, we went to Rock Paper Scissors in Greenfield and I had some much needed mocha and we got to paint! Me, Jeff, and Cassidy painted mugs and Jaden painted a snake. We can't wait to get them back in a couple of weeks.

I finally got Jaden's birthday cake done. Not the best ever, but I just don't have the patience for it to be perfect! LOL


Ry said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS! That is AMAZING! My kids will love it! Looks perfect to me!

Kim said...

OMG! That cake looks awesome!!! You have to give me details on what you ended up doing. I see tootsie rolls. Did you use tip #47 for the planks?