Thursday, August 21, 2008

Several Things

I haven't been updating here as much as I used to. There is just so much going on now. Especially with school and dieting. I guess the dieting doesn't take up time, but the exercising sure does. Every morning, we start school. I never know how long that will take. It always depends on Jaden's mood that day. Some days it only takes one hour. Other days, it takes two. I am sure as we start adding more things, it will get longer. He almost has the Pledge of Allegiance memorized. This is so cool. I remember the days of saying the POA. Jeff and I thought this was a good thing to learn right away. He needs to have respect for God and his country. We have been learning about Aa and Ee. We have learned the numbers 1-5. It's not like he didn't know these, but his curriculum goes into a lot more detail. I am seriously loving it! Today, we learned about God creating the Heavens and the Earth. Did you know the Earth was just a blob when God created it? It had no shape! For some reason, I had never thought about that much. Water has no shape, and the Earth was made out of water! Interesting!
Now, on to the exercising. I have been running a mile every day. I normally do this during Cassidy's naptime (1:30). It doesn't take long, but I like to warm up and cool down. I have also been doing my pilates and crunches. I have lost about 7-8 pounds in 4 weeks! I am very happy about this. I only have 12 more to make it to my goal! Honestly, I will probably want to lose at least 5 more once I get to goal. I am feeling better and I know I am healthier. I have given up on the foods that make me feel awful!
I had to make cupcakes this week, get the house cleaned (that is still not finished), and plan Jaden's birthday party. What was I thinking, having it on Labor Day weekend? I really don't think we are going to have a big turnout.
Along, with all of this, we are potty training Cassidy. Okay, this is just driving me crazy! She is doing very well when it comes to going to the potty........when she is naked. As soon as I put panties on her, she pees in them! Not right away, she just doesn't go to the potty when it is time. So, she has been running around naked. LOL. I am hoping she gets this soon. I don't want to give up. She is doing very well. This morning, she is wearing panties. I have decided to just take her to the potty every once in awhile. I can't wait for the diapers to be history!
I hope everyone is having a great week. Sorry, no pictures today.


Chel said...

I'm working on exercising more, too. Much as it kills me to admit it, I really do feel better when I do. :)

Amanda Pittman said...

Hey Leeanne! Remember me from MOPS?:0) Just wondering what curriculum you are using? I'm thinking about doing preschool with Bella, and just starting to look around. Is there a catalogue that you used to select from?
BTW, I have been keeping up with you on here, just invisibly:) Thought it was time to come out from hiding!