Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jaden's new hair!

So, after trying to get Jaden's hair to comb down yesterday, I decided to get it all cut off. He wanted to get it done also! So, off we went to the mall. I think Jaden was excited to have a man cut his hair. It is always a woman! So, we decided on a short haircut. Jaden sat there very nicely and even told the man thank you! Here is the new and improved Jaden:
He looks so different and much older! I didn't even have to comb his hair this morning! ;)
We haven't had much going on. I think I had a 24 hour bug or food poisoning the other day. My stomach is still not back to normal, but much better than Sunday! We missed church, which makes me sad. I feel like we haven't made it to church regularly this month.
I rearranged some of our furniture the other day, and I love it! It gives us much more room in the family room.
Big news, we booked our Disney trip! We will be going August 30th through September 5th! I am starting to plan our trip now. I would love any suggestions!
Friday, we will be going to a playdate at the mall and then, heading to Terre Haute. Grandma and Papa are going to be watch Jaden this weekend. He is so excited because they have a Wii now! He can't wait to play. Sunday, we are getting together for my brother's birthday! We are going to Cracker Barrel.
Have a great week everyone.


Amanda Pittman said...

Aww, very handsome! He looks so much older!
Not sure if we will be there this Friday. We are also heading to grandparent's home, and not sure when we are leaving yet.
BTW, I answered your question this week on the blog:)

Anonymous said...

Cute 'do, Jaden! :) I hope your stomach gets back to normal soon!!! UGH! Have a great weekend, sounds fun!

Teresa said...

Yay for haircuts and vacation plans:)
I would really suggest, The Unofficial Guide to Disney World book! It has wonderful sections specifically regarding traveling with our age children. I used it as a huge help to me!!

So excited for you guys- good luck and have fun!!