Sunday, June 7, 2009

Keeping busy but resting

That is exactly what I have been doing recently. I didn't have any major plans last week, and I feel so relaxed and stress free. I am so glad, since we are dealing with Maddy's sickness. She has been at the vet's this weekend awaiting her amputation surgery tomorrow. We are all praying for her and hoping it will be a smooth adjustment for her. I really want her last months to be good ones.

Here we are on our way to the vet's office:
It was so hard leaving her there. But, we want the best for her.

Today, we had a picnic in the park. We had such a wonderful time. I just love seeing my kids grow up! They are just the sweetest kids ever! I think I have really noticed that this week, since things have been slowing down.
We had a wonderful day. I am hoping to get the house all cleaned tomorrow and ready for Maddy to come home Tuesday. I want things to be easy for her with only 3 legs. She probably will not be going up the stairs, so I want to make sure things are comfortable downstairs. I also want to make sure that all toys are picked up and everything is cleaned with natural cleaners.

I am praying that God will perform a miracle her! But, I know that we need to do our part.

Today, was a long but wonderful day.