Thursday, June 11, 2009


Maddy is feeling better today. She is eating well, drinking all of the time, and walking a lot! When her meds aren't making her tired, she is following me everywhere and trying to get into things! Back to the same old Maddy! She is still moving slow though.

On our way home from the vet the other day, we bought her a pink shirt. She looks so much more comfortable wearing it!
We will be stuck inside again today. It is raining outside and we need to stay home with Maddy. She is wanting to jump on the furniture, but we are afraid how she will feel when she gets down. The funny thing is, she wasn't allowed on the couch before! What makes her think she can now? ;)
We are so close to being finished with school. Jaden only has 4 more worksheets in phonics! How exciting! We want to do something special for him, but money is becoming an issue right now. With Maddy's surgery, new foods, and meds, we are very tight on money. I think we will still make it to Disney if we really cut down. So, no spending unnecessary money for awhile! Probably not until after Disney!
Hopefully, I will have a little more to post than just Maddy soon. I need to start scrapbooking again soon. Maybe I can get some of the pages I finish up!
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!