Monday, June 4, 2007


Sunday was a great day. We really didn't have much to do, so we decided to eat at Pizza Hut for supper before going to church. I think Jaden loves the placemats and crayons more than the pizza! Cassidy enjoyed her first Pizza Hut breadstick. Those are by far my favorite breadsticks! We do not eat out often, so it is fun when we do!

Today was a big first for Jaden and Cassidy. At church, they both went into the The Wee Village. It was terribly sad. We dropped off Cassidy in her room and she cried. We dropped of Jaden in his room and he cried! Jaden gave me a high five and kiss and told me bye, then turned to Jeff and started crying. He hung on to Jeff with a death grip! It was so sad for Jeff to leave him there. But we did. Cassidy was still crying when we went by her room, so I gave her her milk and baby doll and she was fine. I must say, it the most peaceful service we have sat through (besides the new band playing!). Afterward, we went back and looked in the windows before picking them up. They were both having a great time. Here is the picture Jaden colored in class! How great! I can't wait for next week.