Monday, October 29, 2007

A brand new week!

We had so much fun the other night at the park. They have an unhaunted halloween train ride there every year. This year, Cassidy also got to enjoy it. The kids dressed up and Cassidy even got her picture taken by one of the park people. Maybe her picture will be in the paper!
Jaden had a great time also. He loves his pirate costume!
I will post pictures after Halloween, I want some people to be surprised when they see them!
I love Mondays. I feel like I get to start fresh! This week I plan on thoroughly cleaning the house, after everyone has been sick, I feel like this needs to be done! I also plan on losing another pound. My body is being very stubborn this time around. I only have 18 pounds left! It is coming off very slowly!

Have a great week everyone!