Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It is officially Spring!

Our ducks have ducklings! It is the cutest thing ever!

I just couldn't believe it when I saw it this morning! It was even more exciting when they all came up on our patio!!! How cool!
Cassidy did something amazing today! She peed in her potty! She said, "Poopy!" and we thought she went in her diaper. Jeff checked, and she didn't. She kept squirming and saying it. So, she went in the bathroom and pulled out her potty! LOL! I pulled her pants down and sat her on it. She cried a bit and then, tried to poop! I was so proud of her. She peed a little and we were thrilled! I am sure it was a fluke, but, wow, the thought of no diapers excites me!

I got my Mother's Day gift early today from Jeff and the kids! A new vacuum! I have really been needing one! I love it!
Jaden and I went shopping tonight for Cassidy's birthday! I found the cutest doll for her. It is the Baby Alive birthday doll. It has a little cupcake with it! The cutest thing! We also got a parachute (like in kindergarten when you bounce balls on it and run under it)! That will be fun for Jaden and her! I got her a new baby stroller, since she broke her other one. I hope she has a great birthday! Her party will be this Saturday! We are just having family over, a small party.
Hope everyone is having a great week and I am going to sweep all of my floors tomorrow! LOL