Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lots of Updates!

Well, I finally found my camera. It was in a laundry basket full of upstairs "stuff"! I am really trying to get organized and it doesn't help that I put things where they don't belong! LOL
A lot of things have been going on. I got Cassidy's invitations finished and mailed out. They are just too cute! I am just having family over and we are going to have a cupcake party!
I found these chairs at a garage sale (Ikea!):

And, found this lamp at Big Lots!:

It matches Cassidy's bedding perfectly!

It is so excited when I find great deals! I just couldn't believe that lamp! Cassidy's bedding is from Pottery Barn, so it just surprised me that Big Lots would have that lamp!

The other day, Jeff was stressed with work, so when he came home we took the kids to the playground and went out to eat! Now, this was not the best thing for me. I am at my lowest weight in 10 years and I only have 13 more pounds to lose. Well, we went to Mozzi's Pizza. I had heard it was good. Little did I know that it is a BUFFET! A dieter's worst nightmare! Let's just say, I ate way too much that day! But, the kids were free! How great is that! Jaden loved it. He didn't know what a buffet was, so he thought it was cool!

I found out yesterday my mom went to the hospital to get some tests on her heart. The doctor made her stay the night there last night. I just hope everyone can say some prayers for her. It doesn't seem serious, just a pain for her.

The weather has been so nice, but it is suppose to get cold this weekend. I already got my first sunburn of the year! I would love it to stay 70 degrees all year long!

I have been invited to a Close To My Heart party on Cassidy's birthday. I am planning on going there for an hour before Cassidy's party starts! Am I crazy! Also, I have been invited to go scrapbooking with the same people once a month. This sounds very exciting! I can't wait!

I went to my first MOPS meeting last weekend. It was awesome! What a great way to meet other Godly women and children. God is really working in my life and it is nice to see him working in others

Have a great week!



Ry said...

What fabulous finds! LOVE the invite! Too cute!

Carissa said...

The room looks great!

Is that profile picture of you outside the Flying Cupcake?

LeeAnn said...

Yes it is! I love that place, so girly!!!