Friday, October 23, 2009

Newly painted Bathroom cabinets

I am happy with the paint on our vanity in the master bathroom. I was really tired of the builder oak cabinets! They are in our kitchen also, but I thought I would test it out where no one could see! Well, it worked. I am still looking for the perfect knobs. I might be stopping at Hobby Lobby tomorrow to check their's out.

Here they are!

Now, should I do the kitchen????


Arlene said...

Looks Great! I say go for it! We painted our bathroom and kitchen...the kitchen had alot of water damage from the prior owners, we were trying to sell or rent it out(We are military) and could not afford to replace all the cabinets. They turned out great and we wished we would have done it while we were still there to enjoy it!

Ry said...

what is the exact product you used. love it. it looks like it has a shine to it. is that for real, or from the lights/flash?

LeeAnn said...

It has a little shine. I used Rustoleum Black paint and underneath is their white primer. Thanks Heather!

Ry said...

awesome. that's what someone else used on their nightstands etc and it turned out beautifully. good to see it used on something else. makes me wanna finish my bathroom ....finally. but then that means walls, trim, and the whole!