Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside!

I really need to go to Walmart for diapers, but it is so cold outside! I really don't feel like taking the kids out in that. So, it is another day in the house. These are the days when it is hard for me to resist food! I am at home, not feeling well, and Jaden is driving me nuts! I used to grab a candy bar or cookies (or both!) to cure the boredom and mundane! Well, now, I have to get on the computer or start doing housework. I also like to turn on some music and sing really loud, but Cassidy is still napping. Jaden only took an hour nap today. They seem to get shorter and shorter.
Cassidy is getting really good at getting around a room. She even finds things on the floor for me (ie. peanut shells, paper, little rocks). I really need to start sweeping the floor every morning. I know that wouldn't solve it though!
Jaden told Jeff this morning that it would be a good idea if he stayed home and helped him play games all day. How sweet! We had to try to explain to him that Daddy had to go to work.
Tomorrow we are planning on putting a small tv in Jaden's room to play his video games on. Is this a good idea? I keep telling myself that it is okay because it's not "tv" it's video games. What does everyone else think? Please comment and let me know!
By the way, if you are going to comment, also let me know what everyone thinks of Strawberry Shortcake!