Saturday, January 27, 2007

We have a Pro Basketball player!

We had a great time at basketball this morning! We had to be there at 8:40 for pictures! That is really early when you have an entire family to get ready before then! But, we made it just in time! Jaden got a picture taken with his teammates and one individual. We ordered a few pics and 2 buttons for Jeff and I to carry with us everywhere! I am hoping they turn out well. Jaden can't ever act normal in front of a camera, so we will see! His game went well. He even made the last shot of the game! He seemed so proud of himself. I think next week is his last game! It is kind of sad. I am hoping soccer will start in early spring!
Cassidy woke with a runny nose. I am afraid she might be getting sick. It might just be from teething. Not sure!
Jeff is off to work and I plan on going to the grocery store. All is well for today. Jeff asked if we were going to Cincinnati tomorrow, but I told him he HAD to fix the water faucet in our house! It is like Chinese Water Torture here! Please pray that he will be able to fix it (hehehe)!
Have a great weekend!