Sunday, January 7, 2007

A Day Out at Chuck E. Cheese's!

We always look forward to AND dread Saturday mornings when it is time for basketball. Jaden always acts goofy at basketball and we are always praying he will play right. Well, this Saturday he acted goofy! He even made his coach fall! Jaden runs around like a mad boy and doesn't pay any attention to anything! So, this time he was running and the coach turned around, as he was heading to the other end of the court, and BAM! There was Jaden! Hehehe. He tripped over him and fell. Pretty funny. Jaden had fun and really, that is all that matters.
Afterward, Jeff was hoping
not to have to go into work today. Turns out, he didn't. He has a super long week next week!
We ended up going to Chuck E. Cheese's. Jaden has been begging to go and we wanted him to get out of the house
and have some fun. And he did! We ordered a pizza and Jaden got 90 tokens to play games. And if you don't know, that is 90 GAMES! Jaden's favorite thing was what I call a "Human Hamster Tube"! He loved that thing! He even worked up a sweat!! I haven't seen him smile that big in a long time!

Cassidy also had a first there. She sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time! She looked so cute. She loved it. She did get tired and fell asleep while Jaden played his heart out!

All in all, it was a great day. Here are a few more CUTE pictures.