Thursday, January 11, 2007

Clearance racks and Baby Girl Clothes!

Seriously, who can avoid all of the clearance sales going on this time of year! I can't! Jaden, Cassidy, and I all went to the mall yesterday. I was hoping for a little exercise and I found lots of sales along the way. Has anyone looked at all of the cute baby girl clothes out now! Oh my! I can't get enough. I did good though, I only bought Cassidy a shirt and hat! Look at this adorable hat (nevermind the carrot baby food stained face!):

I also found a few good clothes for me at the Gap! Their clearance sales are the best! I don't think I ever buy clothes full price. That is a good thing, since I am buying a whole new wardrobe for the smaller me. Jaden had fun at the mall. He ran around everywhere. He likes to run on the other side of the mall aisle, I guess it makes him feel independent! He always keeps his eyes on me though. He is very afraid of losing me. Which, is a good thing.