Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jeff is out of town

Jeff has a meeting today in Chicago, so we are not expecting him home until late tonight. Jaden and I made him some chocolate covered popcorn. He has been craving that, so it will be a nice surprise for him when he gets home! Jaden even said he wanted to wait until Daddy gets home to eat it! It's so sweet. I thought for sure he would eat some, but he hasn't yet! I put some of Cassidy's clothes on ebay. It is usually very hard, but it doesn't seem as hard with Cassidy as it was with Jaden. I really don't know why that is! I think I am just in the mood to clear out the house and have everything organized. Her closet and dresser are stuffed with clothes that do not fit her. I finally cleaned out my closet. Now I have to get rid of the clothes that don't fit me!
Why are baby feet so cute? I think I have taken over a hundred pictures of Cassidy's feet! Is this normal? I know that I will miss those little feet one day, so I am trying to take as many pictures as possible. If you love baby feet, here are a few pictures!!!! Aren't they just kissable????

Oh, and for those who love sleeping babies, here are a few pictures of Cassidy in her bed last night!