Friday, January 19, 2007

My Babies Are Growing Up!!!

We Did go to Bogey's today and Jaden had a blast! We were the only ones there for awhile until a few kids starting coming in. Jaden even made a friend! He was following him everywhere and said bye to him at the door when we left. Jaden had a great time in the ball pit:

On our way home I decided to stop at Toys R Us. I planned on just going in to browse, but I found the coolest thing! We have been looking for a booster seat for Jaden but I didn't want a plain, boring one! Well, I found the perfect one! Check it out!

If you can't tell, it has Lightning McQueen on it! Very cool. Jaden wasn't so sure about it. He liked it until he had to sit in it on the way home! He cried the whole way. My son doesn't like change!
So, all of the events today have me thinking "My kids are growing up!". How sad. I wish I could just keep them small.