Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our first playdate

We had our first playdate with several other mommies yesterday. We had a great time. Jaden needs to learn how to play with others a little more. I hope we can get together with them every week.

Being "Rotten":
Today, Daddy and Jaden shoveled the snow. Notice Jaden's idea of getting the snow off of the driveway compared to Jeff's! Too funny!
Afterward, we sat down for school time. Jaden loves his math.
Then, we did a butterfly craft:
I have all of the colors picked out for our bedroom, formal living room, and the formal dining room. I can't wait to start incorporating them in. We plan on buying some window coverings tomorrow.
These are the colors for the formal living and dining room:


Jessica said...

Sure thing! It is Hopsack in eggshell, by Sherwin Williams.

B. said...

Sounds like the move went very well and you are now at the FUN part- decoration! Great colors.

B. said...

The mini Oreo Cheesecakes are each 3 weight watcher points- if that helps you. I dont know calories/fat.

Priscilla said...

Your craft ideas are spectacular. Keep going with the weight. I think I've given up my NY resolution already

Shari said...

I like the picture of your son clearing the snow off the driveway. I've never seen vegetable play equipment before. Very interesting. We homeschool, too.